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Refocus on Running Day 3

Refocus on Running Day 3

Hit five miles for a third day. And I got to learn a bunch of fun stuff from some fantastic professional writers. I’ll explain more next week. And I ate far too much. (grin)

As I said before, for a few days here I will focus on on this gaining distance until Sunday and then will expand this blog back out more. But right now I need to be focused on the running. This is a very short-term focus.

Also I want to illustrate to those of you having some focus issues how you bore down to one thing for a short time to bring that thing back into focus.

Third day was good. And I got to add in some publishing learning as well. Perfect.

Other things…

— One issue of Smith’s Monthly out to subscrbers. A second on Monday and both to Patreon supporters then.

— Kickstarter supporters will be getting surveys in a week or so about their rewards. Maybe two weeks. Going to take us some time to get them all together. And Kickstarter has yet to finalize everything. Not kidding, we are still waiting.


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Class #46… Nov 2nd … Depth in Writing
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Class #50… Nov 2nd …Expectations (Writing on the Rails)

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Totals For Year 4, Month 3, Day 8

Writing in Public blog streak… Day 1,115

Total Miles This Month… 32 miles


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