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WMG Winter Holiday Spectacular…

We just launched it on Kickstarter.

Every day from November 28th to January 1st you will get an original holiday story in your inbox. Automatically.

Stories by some of the top writers in short fiction. And all edited by Hugo Award winning editor Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Here is Kris talking about it. (Might have to click twice.)

You want to see something really innovative that is only possible with indie publishing, take a look at this.

And yes, we know it is close behind the Pulphouse Subscription Drive, but the holiday time table sort of forced our hand. (grin)

And we have a nifty “How to Write a Holiday Story” that is exclusive to this campaign.

Check it out!

Are we having too much fun or what? (grin)

Here are the covers of two of the collections involved…