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Pulp Speed Challenge Update

Slow Start…

Actually, I think that is an understatement. I should, if I was on schedule, be finishing the first novel tomorrow, September 18th. Nope, not even close.

I knew going in that this last week was going to be a ton of work on the business and other stuff, but turned out to be even more than I had planned. I supposed I should have planned for that as well. (grin)

But I have a saving out. My plan was to finish this first novel in ten days tomorrow, then take four days away from the challenge because of a trip back up to the coast. Going to have some meetings, play some poker with my attorney, have great dinners with friends, check on the big old house, and head back.

I am flying first class, and the flight is only a couple hours, so this is going to be a very short and easy trip.

My original plan was to take the few days and just not write. Of course, I would still do all my normal workshop stuff and email and such, but that is never much of a big deal. So by Sunday I planned on having one novel done and starting the next after not writing while traveling.

So without having this first one done, I will be writing while traveling, which actually is better. I will have something to do in the hotel rooms at night besides eat and watch television.

So with luck this first book will be done by Sunday evening. And I will be back on my schedule after a really bad start.

The first novel, for those of you following, is a book called Hot Springs Meadow: A Thunder Mountain Novel. A very difficult time-travel, alternate universe problem in this one that I still have no idea how it will work out. I’m just writing it.

But I am hoping my characters will figure a way out. We shall see.

Allyson told me she is working on the cover for it already. So for those following on the daily email, the uncorrected ebook with cover should be only a week or so after I finish it.

Wow, what a first week of a challenge. A ton of business, we had a wonderful subscription drive for Fiction River, and I lost more weight and am eating well. Down 12 pounds in five weeks. A ways to go yet, but the exercise (walking and running) is getting easier. 37 days over 10,000 steps. A streak!

So onward I go.


  • Harvey

    Ten novels in 100 days just wasn’t challenging enough for you, Dean. Now the challenge is much more spicy. I suspect you’ll whip it. And it’s going to be fun to watch.

    On this end, I’ve decided to write at least some fiction every day, a “trick” to drive me to the keyboard. No day job, etc. so I have no excuses. And as you know, even an expected short writing session often turns into something much longer.

    The only drawback will come when I finish the novel in progress. But even then, I can alsway drop a character with a problem in a setting and see what happens.

  • D J Mills

    I planned on writing a short story a week, following along with your challenge. Not happening. I might change it to a short story a month and see how that goes.

    And wonderful news about your Kickstarter. I am excited to receive all the additional stories along with Fiction River. More stories to study to improve my story telling ability.