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Publishing Masters Program At Western Colorado…

Yes, You Get a Real Masters in Publishing…

This is the brain child of my good friend Kevin J. Anderson and it has been going now for six years. Sometimes I get to do a lecture for him on copyright, but this program is a year long for the students.

One week in Western Colorado University in the summer and the rest online. And you get a real masters degree. Helping out Kevin is Allyson Longueira and Gwyneth Gibby, both from WMG Publishing. And also a ton of guest speakers along the way.

For a ton more information on this, go to

This is an amazing program, one of the only ones in the country that offers a real masters degree taught by real publishing professionals.


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  • Heather Jones

    As a graduating student of said program, I wholeheartedly agree. It’s cheap for an MA, too. You learn much that is practical and much that is experiential/anecdotal, both of which are of high value. Feel free to ask me questions about it. 🙂