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Pop-Up Series Is Great Fun

The First One Goes Up Sunday Evening…

Kris and I put together a bunch of stories about our friends Julius Schwartz and Len Wein, and some thoughts about Stan Lee.  That is the first Pop-Up. Second one is about bookstores and the third about short romance fiction.

We’re going to have a blast with the format because it allows us to do all kinds of things that don’t fit into a regular workshop or lecture format. Plus we get to read a bunch of short stories, which will be fun.

Interested, details in the previous post and you can sign up on Teachable. We have deals that if you buy five they are cheaper and even cheaper still if you get ten. (We have about twenty ideas for these and came up with another at the movie tonight.)

Regular Workshop Credit Discount Almost Expired.

Every year we do this for a week or so, giving those who did not get part of the Kickstarter in Setpember a chance to buy workshop credits for $250. (Same price as in the Kickstarter.) Normally $300.

You can buy as many as you want and the credits never expire. You can use them when you want for any regular workshop or two classic workshops.

To buy the credits, just write me directly and I will tell you how to go through Paypal. To use a purchased credit, you write me and tell me which workshop and I simply send you a code to get into it.

So very simple and saves some money. And it ends on Monday.