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One Gift To Rule Them All!

WMG Holiday Spectacular 2021…

This might be the most perfect gift for this year anyone can imagine. The cost for the Holiday Spectacular Calendar of Stories is just $25.00. That gets your family member or friend or boss 38 short stories delivered from November 25th through January 1st. One original story per day they can read on any device.

38 Original holiday stories by over 30 different authors.

All you have to do is add $25 to any award in the kickstarter and then in the survey we will ask where you would like the extra calendar to go to.

Or you can add as many as you want at $25 each. Every award gets one, so any additional $25 just gets you more and we will deliver.

And why this is so important? No delivery problems. No supply chain problems.

And every day your friend or family member will thank you, and you can talk about which stories you like or don’t like among yourselves. (Now that’s a family topic over the holidays I could get into.)

So grab a calendar as a gift for your friends or family members. Just seven days left to get the WMG Holiday Spectacular Calendar.

Just add $25 to any award and we will ask who you would like it sent to when this is all over.