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On My Way…


Back to Vegas after a very quick, meeting-filled three days on the Oregon Coast. I am now sitting in the First Class lounge in Portland, eating a great salad and chowder and writing this. I’ll be home in about four hours, but figured I would write this now so I don’t forget later tonight.

A lot of work the last three days on getting rid of stuff left from the stores, meetings on upcoming projects, and the upcoming Pulphouse Kickstarter (Launches Wednesday.)

The best part was seeing old friends. The crew at WMG is just amazing, and we are slowly climbing out of all the stuff from Allyson’s brain surgery. And this is the first time I have seen her since her months and months gone and she looks great and very healthy. Yeah!

So fun to be back on the coast, back in the offices, back having great meals with old friends. And even all the meetings were fun. But looking forward to getting home now. Guess I have finally mentally moved into Las Vegas, because I left the coast thinking about how good it felt to be going home to Vegas.

Only took a year-and-a-half.

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  • E. R. Paskey

    Glad Allyson is doing better. It is funny how places eventually feel like home, and places that once were home become something familiar, yet foreign.

    Haven’t turned in any assignments for it yet, but I wanted to say I am thoroughly enjoying the Attitude workshop. The “I can’t” section was a particular eye-opener and helped me make a connection in my brain I hadn’t quite been able to put into words. (Which is funny, given that I play with words.)

    Making the switch to framing things as being a positive *choice* instead of a negative constraint makes soooo much more sense. It was a “Duh!” moment. Thank you for that.

    Side note: have I lost count on the Tip of the Week (entirely possible, this week), or is the new one just not up yet because your week has been nuts?(Perfectly understandable, if so.)

    Thanks for all you and Kris do!