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Offer For Lifetime Subscriptions Only Two More Days…

Ends Friday Evening…

Once again I am tired tonight, both physical and eyes. Really, really long day at this computer.  So I’m going to remind the lifetime subscribers at WMG Workshops about the half-off sale only for them.

So if you buy any of the four lifetime subscriptions on WMG Teachable, we will give you half off on anything on Teachable for the next two days, including other lifetime subscriptions.

We no longer do regular sales and haven’t now for months. Just won’t do them anymore I’m afraid, but we do like to give our lifetime subscribers a little something extra at times. This is one of those things.

So jump into any of the four lifetime subscriptions on Teachable and then write me directly and I will give you a special code to get anything you want on Teachable at half price for two more days.

Already a lifetime subscriber and interested, just write me for the code. But only two more days.


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  • Connor Whiteley

    Massive thanks Dean. Picked up Advanced Character course and full 4 quarters of copyright. Excited about learning tons.