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Now That’s a Series

Smith’s Monthly Series Page on Amazon…

It even impressed me. Wow. Shows what just dinging along every month can do.

37 titles up there, plus I will be doing 11 more in the next six months. Sorry I’m bragging a little, but if you want to see a series, even though some of the old covers are still on the titles shown, take a look at this. Got me excited to get these new ones done and in and out to Patreon supporters and subscribers.

Anyhow, wanted to brag about how cool that was.

As for the rest of the day, I had a WMG meeting and then Kris and I went into the valley and went shopping. Had a great dinner, then I got the Pirates standee from the theater, which took me two hours to take apart, then got pie and came home late.

Taking apart a standee is a ton of work. But kind of fun.

All the pirate characters sort of got jammed into the back of the Cadillac, but we’ll straighten them back out when we get them on the wall at the North store. (grin)

And no, they will never be for sale, only decoration.

A fun day.


  • allynh

    Yes! Just scrolling through the page with more and more issues showing is what makes it all worthwhile.

    BTW, When I click on _Against Time (Seeders Universe Book 1) Kindle Edition_ it does not show the series option. I have to click on “paperback” to see:

    Book 1 of 8 in the Seeders Universe Series

    and then see the whole list.

    I love lists. It shows that the Verse is growing, and growing, and growing. HA!

  • D J Mills

    Wonderful list and I, too, am impressed. This is why so many (including me) visit your blog each day. We hope to learn something new or just be inspired to continue writing and publishing.

    No pictures of your pirate character decorations for those of us who will never visit USA or your stores? 🙂