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November Workshops Started

Including the Two Special Ones…

And I am still reading the stories from the October special workshops, so give me a few more days on that. A lot of them are very good.

So with the sale it is possible to sign up for November and December workshops. I started all the November workshops tonight because I am taking tomorrow off to watch the election.

So the last two blogs have a lot of information about the half-price sale of workshops. And if you have any questions, write me.

And if you live in the States and have not voted, go do so now. There are no excuses this time around.


  • Mihnea Manduteanu

    I have a question, couldn’t figure it out. What’s the difference between the classic “Plotting with depth” workshop and the regular depth workshops? If I cannot afford the regular depth, would the classic one help me? Thanks.

    • dwsmith

      Depth in Writing is a regular foundation workshop that all craft workshops sort of build on. The Plotting with Depth requires the Depth in Writing or nothing at all will make sense.

  • Mihnea Manduteanu

    Alright, thanks. This is a story I will be telling in interviews a couple of years from now, how I stretched to get this workshop and without it I wouldn’t have become the best selling author I will be then 🙂