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Novella Classes

First Novella Class Starts Tuesday…

You can see the information for each 3-month class on

The first class is Science Fiction Novellas. Nine weeks of classes and one month of writing. 4 different genres over the year. For more information, go to the writer store and watch the videos that Kris did about the classes.

And the new quarters of Motivational Monday and Creative Survival have started. And April regular workshops are up as well.

The second quarter of the year is a great time to reset, maybe start a challenge. Short story per week is a great challenge to get you to the computer every week.

And if you are in the 2024 words a day challenge, you should have around 184,000 words by now. If you would like to drop out of that challenge and get your credit, just write me. If you do that and buy back in, you can start over starting in April for the last nine months of the year.

Again, just write me. For me, I will be catching up as the year goes by because I know I can.

Welcome to the second quarter of the year.

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