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New Videos in Shared Worlds Class

Four New Videos…

About the large shared worlds everyone thinks about when they think of a shared world. This class is just getting started and will last for nine months. So all the videos here at the beginning are basic stuff.

But I wanted to detail out each type and level of shared world in the first month or so, and that’s what this is, four videos about the big guns, the Star Trek, Marvel, Star Wars, and so on.

Not teaching you how to write for any of those. That is not what this class is about. The class is about how you can create a shared world of your own and get others to write for you in different ways. Going to be great fun.

And the class has still not reached the cut-off point, so still possible to sign up if interested. There will be assignments at times over the nine months and some shared world projects (like Cave Creek) to write for. It’s on Teachable.

And tomorrow evening I will be putting the last videos before the Master Business Class onto the Licensing Transition online class. And that is still open to sign up for as well on Teachable. Got a hunch that after the Master Business Class, which has some focus on licensing this year, there will be a flood of videos posted to that class. (grin)


  • Cathy Smith

    Do we have to do the assignments? I want access to the lectures but I already have continuing education for the dayjob in 2020 that will be my priority and I may not have time to do the assignments.

    • dwsmith

      No, you sure do not have to do them. They will be there to help illustrate a point is all and will have weeks to do at your own pace. Same with the stories. Lots of time. The advantage of spreading this out over nine months. More information, more time. So no requirement at all. The learning is in the videos and having that available for years if something comes up in a couple of years and you want to check back.