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New Videos In Shared World Class

Plus the First Assignment…

There will be numbers of assignments and stories to write over the months of this Shared World class. Going to be great fun, so any of you in the class, make sure you find time in the next few days to take a look. The assignment isn’t due until the 15th, but it will take some time to do correctly.

And for those of you thinking about taking the class, I will shut it down on the 8th of December. Held it open longer than I had planned because a few people asked. So if interested, don’t delay and miss it.

I will have new videos on the Licensing Transition Class as well up this weekend. Wow, I learned so much over the last month, I didn’t know where to start exactly, but got it worked out now.

That class will also shut down finally on December 8th as well.

Today I also read a lot of stories. All Pulphouse short stories should be back to everyone from the October How to Write a Pulphouse Story class. If you sent in a story for the October class and haven’t gotten a response from me, send me the story again.

Special Holiday workshop will have letters sent out this weekend with codes to get in. The first session of that starts December 3rd.

And slowly, oh so slowly, I am working my way through the great challenge stories that I am so far behind on. I’m not getting in a hurry, just letting myself enjoy the reading as an editor.

So some updates tonight.


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  • Cora

    Oh goody! Thanks Dean. A proper excuse to do some research. And I’m ahead on my NaNo word count (I’m using it this year to write a bunch of short stories). This is going to be fun.