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New Pop-Up

Pop-Up #13… As You Write…

How to do World Building, Create Characters, and Outline As You Write.

All kinds of fun stuff in this one, plus the story prompt is writing another story for Pulphouse Fiction Magazine if you want. Remember, these things go away quickly. The Flash Fiction will go away in one week, or at least the deadline for the story will.

This one is already in the bundle for the 11-20 and the bundle for 11-15 Pop-Ups. And you can still get the bundles for the first ten if you want. All are in there. Best way by far to buy these Pop-Ups.

I’m kind of liking this Pop-Up series because it allows me and Kris to do topics that flat don’t fit anywhere else.

Get it on Teachable. This one might make your writing a lot more fun.


Five new videos on licensing now in August, so those of you signed up for that, check them out.

And it is still possible to sign up for it. There are 13 videos in July as well. This is going to last a year, but at some point I will cut off sign-ups. So don’t delay on getting into this one.

Sign up on Teachable.

Second Lecture Myth in the Roadblocks Lecture Series

That is five lectures in the first bundle and two in the second Roadblocks bundle. There will be twenty lectures added when all done later this month. Best way to get them is the Lifetime Lecture Subscription. Or get them $200 per bundle of five.

Take a look at the new lecture on Teachable.

Master Business Class

Here in Las Vegas from October 25th through the 29th. Going to be amazing and still room to jump in.

Write me for information.