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Mya Regular Workshops Now Up…

And You Can Get Them In the Sale!

Here is the list of the May regular workshops. There are the five core classes and then one extra called Reaching Pulp Speed.

  • #44… May 7th… Writing into the Dark
  • #45… May 7th… Teams in Fiction
  • #46… May 8th… Writing with Depth (start with this one)
  • #48… May 8th… Killing the Critical Voice
  • #49… May 8th… Reaching Pulp Speed (this month only)
  • #50… May 8th… Advanced Depth

Lifetime Workshop and Everything Subscribers, if you want into any of these to do the weekly assignments, just write me and I will send you the code.


Yes, as I have said the last week, we are doing a workshop sale on WMGTeachable.

Every class, workshop, and Pop-Up is half off.

Also all the lifetime subscriptions are half off. (Best deals by far.)

Everything. Just find what you want and hit purchase, then on the next page put in the code:


And hit apply and you will have it for 50% off.

Here is some suggestions to keep you learning into the spring and early summer, or all year is some cases.

  • — Bite-Sized Copyright.  (All four quarters. Do one session a week for a year to really finally learn copyright.)
  • — Creative Survival (All four quarters. First quarter is done and would be easy to catch up on.)
  • — The Decade Ahead (All four quarters. Valuable information on surviving and growing for the next decade.)
  • — Motivational Mondays (All four quarters to help you each week stay focused.)
  • — Full Year of Advanced Craft Classes 2024 (They will repeat every year.)
  • — Full Year of Advanced Craft Classes 2023(They will repeat every year.)
  • –Fifty Years of Learning (Two different classes, both nine weeks.)
  • — Challenges
  • Attend the 2024 Licensing Expo with Kris and Dean

And this month the ADVANCED ENDINGS class is starting as well as the ADVANCED FLOATING VIEWPOINT class. Plus on the sale you can get all of the 2023 Advanced Classes and all of the 2024 Advanced Classes. Yes, they will all come around again regularly each year.

50% off everything. A great sale in honor of our new World of the Fey Shopify store.

Sale on WMGTeachable

By the way, the ADVANCED ENDINGS craft class might be one of the most important workshops we do to help the sales of your books. Your cover and opening sell the book the reader is reading. Your ending sells more of your other books to that reader.

And the FLOATING VIEWPOINTS advanced craft workshop will just blow your mind as to what you thought and what you were taught.

Both start on the 7th…



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