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More Workshop Sales??

Getting That Question a Lot on this Last Day of this Sale…

The answer is that we don’t know, but we doubt we will do more workshop sales. We have been meaning to cut off the sales, since they were started to help writers through the pandemic two years ago. And honestly, since this is a time of great forgetting, which is why we decided to do this sale, not a lot of writers have taken advantage. So doing this sale flat didn’t help many if anyone through this time of the year.

So I honestly don’t know if we will do more sales or not. More than likely not.

And since we have so much new stuff coming that we are all excited about over this summer and fall, no point in a sale. We will still do really fun stuff with workshops in the Kickstarters. But unless there is a good reason to do a sale, (which we thought this sale and the last one was a good idea to help with the time of great forgetting) this might be the last one.

And today is the last day.

However, keep in mind if you are following WMG Publishing newsletters and such, they offer a workshop or two that match a holiday at half price. And we still might be doing the Focus Topic of the Month. Just not started up yet, and that will give three classes on an exact topic a discounted price. So still doing those things.

Just likely not any more of these full half-price of everything sales.

So for one last day, all things on WMG Publishing Teachable are half price. Everything!!!

Code to get a class or workshop or anything else on WMG Teachable at half price is:


Just hit the one you want, then put in the code and hit apply and the price will be half. I know this is the time of great forgetting, but a workshop or class just might help you get a little more done during this time. At least that is what we hoped.


  • Buddy

    Aw, that’s too bad. Not crying poor mouth, but it was the sales that allowed this would-be writer to take a number of the courses and gain a real passion for the craft. I moved to Mexico in order to write and support myself on Social Security.
    But if the sales go away, I’ll ask daughter dear to help her old man out by splitting the cost as birthday and Christmas presents. If nothing else I MUST take Advanced Depth.
    Cheers, Buddy

  • Terry Mixon

    I think they are worthwhile. Sometimes those that might be interested don’t have the funds and having a chance at some later point would be helpful if its only a matter of bad timing. The learning is definetly worth it.

  • Balázs

    In the very last minute I took workshops. Every workshop worth the money, so even if there will be no more sale, I will take some with time. Thanks for the sales, I’m happy now

  • Chong Go

    The only reason I’m not taking advantage of the sales is because I’ve already taken most of the workshops, lol. As someone who does mostly nonfiction writing, I still think they’re incredible. Frankly, I wish these were the coursework for most college “writing” degrees. I loved doodling around with short stories when I was a kid, but the writing magazines that “taught” you how it was supposed to be done killed any enthusiasm I had.

  • Cam

    I appreciate the sales IMMENSELY.

    Caring for an elderly parent right now has made me somewhat erratic in answering questions like these and interacting on Patreon and on blogs, but the appreciation remains current. (Plus I buy all your business books.)

  • Cheryl

    I want to heartily thank you and Kris and WMG for the sales. I probably would not have made several purchases (on earlier sales) without that extra prompt. And then I would not have done the Short Story Challenge which was a life-changer. (I’m revving up for the Publishing Challenge which I expect to be transformational as well.)

    I don’t think I’ve purchased the past several sales because I’ve quite a backlog (including a year of the SO SO GREAT “Monday Motivation” (which I recommend to one and all)). That said, I probably would have missed out on the challenges and the MM had I not purchased them on sale.

    However, I am hearing you with the diminising response you’re experiencing. Perhaps a solution would be to continue with the sales but at a reduced frequency. (I actually can’t believe I’m typing that LOL).

    The classes, workshops, etc. you have assembled on Teachable are a treasure trove and utterly mind-altering for us authors. Anything you can do to increase sales is a net benefit. Again, thanks.

  • Billijo Link

    Thank you to you, Kris, & especially Allison for the half-price sales. I hope that the half-price sale(s) will appear again down the road. Several times a WMG Teachable class I purchased has led me to another WMG Teachable Class I want to purchase. e.g. Pop-Up: Writing Epic Fantasy Series > Classic Writing Endings. The Pop-Up: Flexibility in Business is excellent and your frank talking is appreciated and at times makes me laugh out loud. All the best~Billijo Link

  • Desikan

    Thanks Dean & Team,

    For all the half price sales.

    Living in a different continent, this makes it affordable for someone like me and get to learn from you.
    Frankly, these are some of the amazing treasure you are sharing with all of us. Very grateful.

    A request to please continue to do this at atleast once an year interval if possible going forward.

  • Kate+Pavelle

    Even though I have two lifetime subscriptions (earned through challenges, for those who might be fence-sitting on that concept,) I still use the sale to fill in on certain bits. I generally target what’s new and relevant, and what will help me NOW. So yes, the sales help a lot. I am retooling to a new day gig, I still have one sprout in college, so the sale makes a difference between doing three courses a year vs. only onle. The discounts are generous and I truly appreciate them.
    I have also taken advantage of the writer’s specials that sometimes come with Kickstarters.
    Sorry to be cheap. I hope to outgrow it within five years or so!
    And, again, thank you.

    • dwsmith

      Thanks, Kate, for all the support over the years. One issue with the sales is that at a certain point, the sale price just becomes the price. We actually never expected the pandemic to last that long (not many did), so the sales became a regular thing and the regular price started looking expensive. And honestly, we can’t do the workshops we do under the regular price. Just not worth all of our time and energy, so we need to back them off the sales. But making specific things a sale is worth it.

      And weirdly enough, as you said, writers can earn the lifetime subscriptions, and also we have a place on Teachable where anyone can get three of anything at half price. Just got to buy three. And we do, as you said, offers on the Kickstarters as well. So sales are still there, just not in one lump week.

      Not saying we won’t ever do a sale again. But certainly never again in the time of great forgetting. (grin)