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More Workshop Curriculum

More Workshops and Classes Sorted into Areas of Interest

The many, many workshops and classes we have are amazing, and to be honest, I sometimes lose track of them, since I am the only one at WMG who keeps track of these. I often just get so excited about doing a new class I don’t do upkeep on older ones. Just my desire to keep learning.

So broke this down into areas that might make sense to help each writer find what they need to help them move forward.

Remember, this week there is a half-price sale going on for all of this. The code is:


Just hit purchase on the class you want and then put in the code and hit apply and you will get it for half price.

Everything on Teachable is half price until late Sunday evening.


If you are having trouble with your attitude about writing, getting to the computer, and so on, here is a list of workshops that would help you. And yes, a couple of these workshops are also on the craft workshop list.

I would take these in the order I have them listed. Pop-Up classes on Attitude are listed below.

1… Attitude Workshop (classic workshop)
2… Killing the Critical Voice
3… Heinlein’s Rules
4… Writing into the Dark
5… Making a Living With Novels
6… Approaching Pulp Speed
7… The Magic Bakery (classic workshop)
8… Speed (Depth workshop required)
9… Productivity (classic workshop)
10… Edit Your Own Work (classic workshop)



If you are having trouble with your publishing and business of writing and so on, here is a list of workshops that would help you. And yes, a couple of these workshops are also on the craft workshop list. Also, you might want to do Lecture… Stages of a Fiction Writer.

The Business Focused Pop-Up Classes and Lectures are listed below.

1… Covers 101
2… The Magic Bakery (classic workshop)
3… Sales Writing
4… Business Master Class (all classes in it and there are a lot)
5… Media Kit Workshop
6… Heinlein’s Rules
7… Advanced Business Lecture Bundle (all 6)
8… The Future Series (all 4)
9… Approaching Pulp Speed
10… Productivity (classic workshop)
11… Making a Living Writing Novels (going classic)

The order above is my suggested order.



If you want to focus on writing in a specific genre, here is a list of workshops that would help you.

The list of genre focused Collection Classes and also Genre Focused Pop-Ups and Lectures are below.

… Writing Romance (classic workshop)
… Writing Mystery (classic workshop)
… Writing Fantasy (classic workshop)
… Writing Thrillers (classic workshop)
… Writing Science Fiction (classic workshop)
… Genre Structure (classic workshop)
… Writing Westerns (classic workshop)
… Writing Time Travel (classic workshop)


These are nine weeks long and you end up with a five story collection at the end. And yes, you can take all of them. You write five stories in this as well as everything else, so take only one at a time.

… Relationship Collection Class 
… Portals Collection Class 
… Private Eye Collection Class 
… Fantasy Collection Class 
… Holidays Collection Class
… Heroes and Heroines Collection Class
… Pets Collection Class
… Spies Collection Class
… Space Opera Collection Class
… Thieves Collection Class

Again, with the collection classes, you actually publish your collection in the 9th week.


  • T Thorn Coyle

    Just chiming in to make a plug for Heinlein’s Rules, which I’m taking right now and finding to be a useful lens to look at my author career through.

    I also found Killing the Critical Voice helpful. It’s one that would likely help *a lot* of writers.

    And Magic Bakery is a solid class on a concept every writer needs. I should likely go through it again, because every time you ask us to detail out income streams in a class, Dean, I always fall *way* short of how many streams I actually have, which tells me I need to broaden my scope!

    • dwsmith

      Thanks, Thorn. Appreciated. And yeah, those three are my favorites as well, past the Depth class.

  • Felicia Fredlund

    I love when you update the curriculum because there is so much choice. I was thinking I should take a couple of the attitude ones to help with my biggest problem right now: not getting to the computer. And that is when I noticed there are 4 classic workshops not currently in the Lifetime subscription for workshops: Classic Attitude in Writing Fiction, Classics Secrets in Craft, Classic Publishing 101 and Classic Kickstarter.

    I thought you’d like to know.

    Love the shift to regular sales. Thanks a lot.

    • dwsmith

      They are all still there as regular workshops, even though they are classic. Just haven’t switched them out, but the workshops are the same. Thanks, I will get them added, but I don’t take out the older regular ones because they are on people’s dashboards.