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Mentor Focus Projects

I Got Some Questions from Writers…

So figured I would just lay out the idea behind the Mentor Focused Projects tonight instead of waiting any longer.

The idea is that you have an area of publishing or writing that you would like some intense focus on, intense help to learn about for a period of time to learn it, then you would write me and ask if that area would be possible. Kris and I (and if needed Allyson and Gwyneth at WMG) will all consult, but everything will go through me. They would just help me make sure I got stuff correct that I was telling you.

The cost would be a one-time fee of $500 sent to WMG Paypal.

For example we have one person who really wants to learn how to find, contract for, and publish out of print, estate books, or public domain books. There is a lot to that, more than it sounds, actually, but that kind of project would be good for this type of mentor thing.

That is just an example.

Setting up and designing and publishing your own magazine. I know a lot about that and Allyson can fill you in on the downsides. (grin) Another possible area.

If you send me an area you want to learn and I can answer you in one email, that would not be the kind of thing that would be worth your money. But we are open to all sorts of things. I have helped a few people lay out Kickstarters on Zoom calls with screen sharking. Mostly that is something most people can do themselves with a letter or two from me, and me and Loren checking it, but if you really need the learning and the help, then that would be something as well.

So we can’t do many of these at once, but it will be a regular thing if there is interest.

First step is to send me the area you want to intensely learn, describe your goal and what you are looking to learn, and I will tell you if it is too small or to large or just the right size for this Mentor Focused Project.