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Massive Move Day

Gaining On It…

The goal is by 1 week from today, when the movers show up, everything will either be in place in this new condo or ready to go to our new storage unit.

Almost no furniture except shelving will go to storage. Just a dining table and chairs, and one desk, but a ton of boxes full of books and files. Basically all our extra author books is the biggest mass. And we will move the digest collection from the other smaller storage unit to this new larger one since the larger one is air conditioned.

So everything needs to be boxed and either upstairs in our new place or ready to be taken out of the door in one week. I think we will make it.

Talked for an hour today on copyright to Kevin’s masters program class. Then went grocery shopping before spending about three hours on move stuff.


I found it interesting how my attitude changed after I dropped the four books challenge for this month. I had ramped up a Pakhet Jones novel, and I started the novel with a short story. I do that regularly, but with the challenge I felt odd. And getting into the book, I realized I should have started with not one, but three already written short stories. But I didn’t do that with the book in the challenge, but then when I dropped the challenge, I instantly went to look to see if my creative voice was right about the two other short stories. Of course, spot on.

Now letting the challenge limit me in any way was a mistake on my part. I always tell people to just let a story or a book be what it wants to be. Sometimes I even forget my own lessons. (grin)

So I have now blended in three short stories so that they feel like part of the book as I clearly intended to write them that way and am almost done with the entire thing. Once I made my creative voice happy, the story is just flying along. It will still be a little short, but I flat don’t care. I am having fun.


  • Kate+Pavelle

    Wow, Dean! You and Kris are all kinds of awesome, and an inspiration to boot. BTW I really enjoyed the first videos in the Master Class. With 20/20 hindsight, the way you handled the pandemic business-wise showed a much better crystal ball than I had seen elsewhere, with the possible exception of the business guru Ramit Sethi.
    Take care with the move. Just an oddball question, if you and Kris got a gift certificate for a couples’ massage at an odor-free spa, would you use it?

      • Kate+Pavelle

        Not a surprise. Reminds me of a time my husband and I did a mud bath in Calistoga, CA. I thought it was an interesting experience. He was twitching like a nervous cat, aware of being stuck in the mud and with his back to the door. He kept mentioning how Mushashi never took a bath again after he got attacked in an onsen one time. (So no need to look for an unscented service that does house calls, LOL!)