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Magic Bakery Coming Back…

Magic Bakery, Depth in Action, and

Plotting with Depth Workshops…

First off, the Magic Bakery workshop is coming back as a regular workshop every month. Not just a resurrected one, but a full regular workshop with new added videos. (Yes, Lifetime Subscribers, it will be updated in your subscription.  All three of of these will.)

With everything changing in indie publishing and so many critical reasons to understand the magic bakery concept in copyright, instead of just bringing the workshop back for one month, it’s going to stick around as a regular workshop every month.

Also coming back as a regular workshop in August for a year or so is Plotting With Depth. A really critical workshop that will be updated slightly for August and going forward.

And also coming in August will be a new Depth workshop called Depth in Action. It became clear this last Study Along class for Fantasy Thriller that we needed to add into our regular line-up a six week class of how to write Depth with Action and keep the pacing moving.

So now the regular workshops every month will contain five depth workshops…

This is my suggested order to take them in.

  • Depth in Writing
  • Advanced Depth
  • Applied Depth
  • Plotting with Depth
  • Depth in Action

Each one is a month long (six weeks with five assignments) and I would suggest you have the first four before taking Depth in Action.  Don’t worry, all of these will be available every month going forward.

August workshops will be available on Saturday. Just wanted to give you a head’s up.

And don’t forget the two really fun and special workshops only available in the Pulphouse Subscription Drive Kickstarter. They will be a blast.


  • Aniket Gore

    Wow! Plotting with depth was very critical for me to understand depth in detail. Take it guys. I would say take the lifetime workshop membership. It has so much content, and I keep going back to them(Just going through short stories again, and finding more things to learn).

    Thanks for these Dean! Really looking forward to them after the excelent Voice advanced is done.

    • dwsmith

      Thanks! Appreciate it. And Lifetime Subscribers, remember to get on an active class to get the feedback any month, just write me and I will send you a code. And Lifetime Subscribers, you will get the classes with the updates in them automatically.

  • topaz

    Hi Dean.
    I’ve taken the first two depth workshops a few years ago.

    Would you recommend doing them again, including sending the assignments, before going to the next one in the list?

    • dwsmith

      No need. You can just go do a quick run-through refresher and I would suggest that for the depth workshop every year or so anyway as you keep learning. You will see more in it. But no need to take them again. They should be on your dashboard.

  • T Thorn Coyle

    The Magic Bakery is such a useful concept. It’s great you’re adding new material, Dean! Looking forward to it.

    And those depth workshops mean I’ve got my winter study time planned out.

  • Alexander Boukal

    If we already have the Plotting With Depth Workshop on our dashboard, will that version of the workshop be updated?

    • dwsmith

      No, that is the classic version more than likely, unless you took it back when it started. There will not be a lot of updates in the Plotting with Depth, so no need to worry. Just a video here and there. The updates will be in the Magic Bakery more than anything, so keep pace with the changes in indie publishing.

  • Erik Kort

    I’m really, really excited about Depth in Action. I’ve typed in so many action scenes from other books trying to figure it out on my own, I’m looking forward to seeing how much I’ve figured out correctly and what y’all can jumpstart me on.