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Lifetime Subscription Information

Some Might Not Know About These…

WMG Publishing has lifetime subscriptions to a number of different areas of workshops to make it easier for writers to just sign up and learn. And we think they are great deals.

Four Lifetime Subscriptions Available At the Moment…

— Online Workshops (includes regular, classic, and others no longer around)
— Lectures
— Study Along
— Las Vegas Workshops


Starting from the bottom, since that is the least known, we offer a lifetime subscription to all the in-person workshops here in Las Vegas. There are, at least in 2019 and 2020 five different workshops per year. And we see that going forward now for years.

Cost is $3,000. (Write me if interested. This is not on Teachable.)

This only covers the workshop fees. The normal fee for all workshops at the moment is $750 per workshop. So the lifetime is assuming you will attend more than four going into the future. (And if you have paid for one, we discount that fee from the lifetime. But only one.)

Included in this subscription is the Study Along Lifetime Subscription. So if you can’t make a Las Vegas Workshop, you are already signed up for the Study Along if you want.

Advantages are you never have to pay the fee again, making each workshop cheaper at the time. And you are guaranteed a spot into any workshop, even if we say it is full. Right now the Mystery and Romance and Science Fiction workshops are full. I will shout if someone drops out, but if you are a lifetime subscriber and decide you can make it, you are automatically added in.


Each year WMG does three major craft workshops in Las Vegas, at the moment taught by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. We already did one in January and the videos are still on Teachable and will remain there. Five more craft workshops here in Vegas are scheduled.

Cost is $1,200. (You can sign up on Teachable.)

These happen real time as the in-person workshops are going on in Las Vegas.

But you don’t get all the exercises and other fun stuff from Kris. But you do get the reading list and the story assignments and I read the stories instead of Kris.  They are faint step-child of the Vegas workshop, but yet are still great in their own way. And right now, since Mystery, Romance, and Science Fiction are all full over the next year, it is the only way you can take them.


Right now there are about $2,000 in lectures on Teachable under the WMG name. And more will be added over this summer and fall. In fact, this week I will be adding the fourth quarter of the Tip of the Week into the lectures.

Cost is $1,000.(You can sign up on Teachable.)


Right now there are about $15,000 in workshops on Teachable under the WMG name. This includes all regular workshops, classic workshops, strength workshops, Futures series, and a bunch of workshop that are no longer available except through the lifetime subscription.

Cost is $3,000.(You can sign up on Teachable.)

If you have taken five or more workshops, write me and I can give you a discount.

Advantages. You can go through any workshop at your own pace completely. They are all there.

If you want to do assignments on a workshop, you simply do it and send it to me. Takes me a day or two to respond, so don’t go ahead until I do, but even with me taking a few days, you can go through a six week workshop in under two weeks.

Again, workshops we offered a year or two ago but that are now not available you can go through as well.

This gets you the entire workshop package, plus you are automatically enrolled in any new workshop we do. This month the new workshops is Futures: Structure. Next month the new workshop will be Emotions in Your Writing.

So if you have questions on any of these, write me.



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  • Karen Fonville

    Ah, Dean, Dean, Dean…. Honestly, I would sign up for all of these if I only had the money. But I am saving those pennies now!