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Licensing Expo 2023 All Done!

Put Up 59 Videos from the Expo…

Plus other regular videos. I will be spending the next two days in the class adding videos talking about some things that came clear this year, some observations, and some plans going forward.

As expected, a smaller year because of the move to June and the fashion focus which made little to no sense at all. Very, very few booths had any kind of fashion. Still a massive experience.

Expo is back in May next year. 21-23.  More than likely WMG will have a suite for writers to get together and talk after dinner each day, including the day before.

One thing I did notice here in my tired state tonight is that the world has changed to really, really help us indie publishers and our still-small starting brands.  Kris and I will more than likely be doing a lot of blog posts about that going forward.

The expo was fun. And for those of you who went along for the ride with me, still some videos to post tomorrow and this weekend. And the class is still open to sign up for those who want to see what all the fuss was about.