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Learning a Bunch of Great Stuff

Great Conversations With Writers…

Having some wonderful conversations with other professional writers about business and having a blast and learning.

I’m going to let sink in for a week the stuff I am learning this week and then maybe talk about some of it here. But not this week.

Besides, my new challenge has got me fired up and I want to start getting ready for that first part of the challenge, which is writing 30 short stories in November.

And in my spare moments I am doing some reading on the reader challenge a few of you are doing and putting together Issue Zero of Pulphouse Fiction Magazine which WMG will have ready to go to supporters in late November.

And on November first I start back on 10,000 steps per day to ramp back up into physical shape.

So not much of a blog tonight. Headed to bed early because I have to be up very early and this morning (at what would be square in the middle of my normal sleep night) I was giving a talk on Corporation Structure for Writers followed by IP Valuation.