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Last Day of Weekend Sale

Ends Midnight Monday Night West Coast Time

Since everyone here in the States does sales (as I just pointed out yesterday), we decided to see how many writers were paying attention and give those who were a three day sale of any workshop they want to get on Teachable for 50% off.

That’s right, any, from the lifetime subscriptions to the June regular workshops, and everything else as well.

For example, I thought this surprise sale might get a few writers signing up for the full year of THE DECADE AHEAD or maybe BITE-SIZED COPYRIGHT. First quarters on both are all up, and we are through the 9th week of the second quarter on both. 4 vidoes every week is all. Easy to go back over what has been done and then follow along every Monday morning with four videos. No assignments, just information to help you.

Copyright is critical but for some reasons most writers just don’t want to learn it. Since we all make our money on licensing copyright, that desire to not learn copyright by most writers has shocked me for years.

The willingness of fiction writers to remain uninformed can never be underestimated. (That’s how agents and traditional publishers get so many writers and most writers wouldn’t recognize a license if it bit them.)

Climbing down off my soap box…

Anyway, this sale started late Friday afternoon and will go until midnight, Monday night.

The code is


Hit purchase on anything you want and then on the next page put in the code and hit apply and you will get the class or workshop or whatever for 50% off.

Just this US holiday weekend only until Monday night at midnight West Coast Time.

3 Days.

Maybe we can help a few of you get through this year’s Time of Great Forgetting. We hope so.

Everything half off on Teachable.

Any questions, feel free to write me.


  • T Thorn Coyle

    I’m taking both the Decade Ahead and Bite Sized Copyright and can recommend both. Decade Ahead shows how to think about career long term.

    If I had to choose one for finances’ sake, I’d choose the Copyright class.

    Really. I’ve had the Copyright Handbook for years and barely cracked it. But taking hand written notes every week alongside the videos? I’m doing just fine, and already getting a better idea of how it really works (including a recent “oh! That thing in this audio company’s TOS likely won’t stand up in court!).

    I’ve also already gotten ideas on leveraging some of my non-fiction ideas in ways that stand to make me 10x what this class cost. And I paid full price for it.