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Last Day of the Workshop Sale… Six New Classes Added for Today!

That’s Right, Six Added Just In Time…

This is the last day of the half-price workshop sale.

Every workshop or class or subscription is half off on WMG Teachable.

And wow do we have a lot of things to pick from. I detailed out some of them the last two nights posts. So any part of your writing craft or business, we have something that might help.

Just find the class you want, hit purchase, then on the top of the next page put in the code:


And yes you can stock up. Just got to do them one at a time since Teachable does not have a shopping cart.


I added the extra five novella add-on classes for the in-person and Study Along classes. (One was already up.)

All six of the new Study Along classes are now posted and available at half off. (Remember these actually start about three months ahead of the workshop date.) These take place at the same time as the physical class here in Vegas. But even if the physical class is cancelled, the Study Along classes will continue. Write me if interested in the physical class. The physical classes are not half off.

March 2022… Thriller Humor

May… Mystery Caper

July… Romance Spies

September…Science Fiction Humor

November…Historical Spies

January 2023…Fantasy Caper

So with each of the above classes, if you took the class in-person here in Vegas or Study Along on Teachable, you can add in an extra two-week class to study how to do a novella for that topic and produce one by the end that Kris and I will read.

The regular price of the two-week Novella add-on class is $150 and will have a ton more videos and teaching on the workshop topic.

So for one more day in this half-price sale, you can get all the study along classes for next year plus all the add-on novella classes.


The Master Business Class (which is not available in the sale at the moment) will have individual parts. About 30 or more classes and pop-ups that are part of it over the next year until May 2022.  But everyone who is signed up for the Master Business Class has this new class available to them now. But it is also available to anyone who would like to buy it.

It is called BUSINESS ATTITUDE. Basically about an hour and a half of lectures on how attitude can make or break business in publishing. It is available in this sale for the last day as well.


Everything you can see on WMG Teachable is half price if you just use the code:


Any questions, feel free to write me.


And going to add these here from the last two nights for easy reference…

September and October regular classes are posted and are all half off.

Class #21… Sept 7th … Covers 101
Class #23… Sept 7th … Publishing 101
Class #24… Sept 7th … Writing into the Dark
Class #25… Sept 7th … Writing Sales Copy
Class #26… Sept 8th … Depth in Writing
Class #27… Sept 8th … Writing Short Stories
Class #28… Sept 8th … Killing Critical Voice
Class #30… Sept 8th … Advanced Depth

Class #11… Oct 5th … Covers 101
Class #13… Oct 5th … Publishing 101
Class #14… Oct 5th … Writing with Speed
Class #15… Oct 5th … Teams in Fiction
Class #16… Oct 6th … Depth in Writing
Class #17… Oct 6th … Kickstarter
Class #19… Oct 6th … Power Words
Class #20… Oct 6th… Killing Critical Voice


We also have six collection classes where over nine weeks you write five stories, put them in a collection, and publish them. The collection classes are available at half off as well. They are held at various times. Check Teachable for exact dates.

The topic of the collection classes are:


Heroes and Heroines

Private Eyes





We also have challenges that are available at half off.

Novel Challenge (Write six novels in a year, one every two months)

Great Challenge (Write a short story a week for a year)

Publishing Challenge (Publish a major book every month for a year)


And there is a ton more, including lectures, classic workshops, year-long classes, and so on. All half off for any topic you would like to have more information about.

Just hit purchase of the class or workshop you want and then on the next page use the code:


Yes, you can get more than one.

Questions, feel free to write me.



  • Jim+Turnbo+III

    Since I can get two classes this time around, one, for certain, is Writing Short Stories. The second… a toss-up between Writing with Speed and Writing into the Dark.

    I’m leaning towards Writing into the Dark. Under my simple thinking, mastering that form of writing will increase speed.

    What are your thoughts Dean?

    • dwsmith

      And it makes you a better writer because it takes out the critical voice. Dark will increase speed over time. But so does the speed workshop. (grin)

  • Cheryl

    Well, I think I’m going to need two shopping carts for this trip. (Speaking metaphorically; I know Teachable doesn’t have a cart.) You only go around once … and the end is sooner than you think … and that whole Learning/Forever thing, you know.
    Thanks to you and Kris and WMG for making this half-off sale available again. Looks like it’s going to be an intense next 18 months or so.