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Last Day of Sale on Challenges and Collection Classes

Ends Sunday Night Late…

30 % Off!!!

On all Challenges and also all Collection Classes!!

There are four different challenges you can sign up for and start when you want.

And all 24 Collection Classes are now live on Teachable for the next year. Best way to look around at all the classes and workshops now is on They are all there under different tabs with direct links to the class on Teachable. So much easier and clearer than searching Teachable.

This 30% off applies to only the Challenges and the Collection Classes. And yes, it applies to the get a full year of Collection Classes Bundles. You can get the six from the first year, the six from the second year, and the six for 2023.

Collection classes are nine weeks long, you write five original stories, and publish the collection the last week. I help you with every step if you need it and I look at the stories and read them, not for critique, but to help in the order of the table of contents.

The six new themes for the 2023 Collection Classes are:




CITIES (Or Urban.. July/Aug)

MONEY (Sept/Oct)


You can get all six for the price of five (plus 30% off.) All twelve of the first two year’s collection classes are also available. There are four different themed collection classes every two months.

The four choices of themes for Collection Classes in Januaray/February are:

  • Ghost Stories
  • Pets
  • Portals
  • Private Eyes

You can see the entire list of Challenges with links to each one at|8

You can see the entire list of Collection Workshops with links to each one at|1

To get the discount of 30% off, simply hit Purchase, then on the next page put in the code


And hit apply and you will get 30% discount.

This only applies to the Challenges and the Collection Classes and will expire on Sunday evening late.

So don’t miss this one. Challenges and Collection Classes are fantastic ways to help you set deadlines and get writing in 2023.


Any questions, feel free to ask.


  • James Delrayne

    I have been collecting these every time there was a sale.

    I just grabbed the Novella Challenge, and now I have all four, which I’ll be starting in January.

    Having run the numbers, that’s a goal for the year of 52 short stories, 12 novellas and 6 novels. (The Publishing Challenge works out at a free challenge if you do the rest.)

    2023 marks my first year as a “full-time fiction author” so this is the perfectly doable-but-crazy challenge I needed to frame it all.

    It also comes with some additional challenge perks:

    1. Getting all of the challenges done individually is one thing, but bonus points for doing all four.
    2. I’ll be setting up a Patreon, and each tier will be for each challenge, (give or take)…
    3. … with the goal of seeing when I get a return on the investment on challenge prices

    I ran the numbers pretty exhaustively using a calendar and calculator last night, and it works out to 3,000 words a day. For me, that’s about two or three hours of writing per day. (not including weekends and there were days left over.) It works out to slightly under Pulp Speed 1 at 900,000 for the year, depending on how long you make each, (I picked 3,000 for a short, 20,000 a novella and 75,000 a novel.)

    To get a return on investment on the challenges, it worked out as selling:

    – 150 copies of the novellas total at $3.99 price point (taking away Amazon’s cut)
    – 250 copies of the short stories total at $2.99 price point, (again, taking into account 70% royalty)
    – 125 copies of the novels total at $4.99 price point

    So 20 copies per novel, 12 copies or so per novella, and 5 copies or so for each short story.
    (Not including paperbacks, collections, the Patreon idea, or anything else.)

    So that’s my number running. Looking forward to the challenge!

    Merry Christmas to all.

    • dwsmith

      Wow, fun stuff, James. I love doing this sort of thing, but besides sales, one thing you missed is the value of the IP you create. I just about have done the second installment of that series of blogs, so watch this space. You do all four challenges and you are not only creating a ton of product to sell, you are getting better as a writer with the practice, and you are creating long-term value with the IP.

      Thanks!! Fun stuff.

  • Lori Sutton

    Signed up for the novel challenge! I believe the push to write will help me in the long term as I’ll need to be on task daily to keep up with it, and I need the deadline to form the habit, one which will benefit me in the long run. Making my own deadlines isn’t working out well. It also gives me an excellent reason for those people who continue to persist in interferring with my goal to be a long term writer. Time to focus in the new year, and reach my one and five year goals. This is ideal for that purpose.

    Thank you for offering one more sale, Dean!

    Happy Holidays!

    • dwsmith

      Lori, Sounds like a great way to use the challenge. Fantastic.

      And WMG allowed the sale because I had just spent all the time getting them listed.

  • Linda Niehoff

    I’ve signed up for the Ghost Collections class in January and am so excited! I’ve been hoping you guys would do a ghost class. And having a flash sale is such a huge hlep. I really appreciate it. Here’s a question. I’m almost done with the Writing Sales Copy workshop and have only just started Covers 101. Thanks to the Story Challenge, writing a story a week is the least of my worries, but I’m a complete beginner when it comes to the publishing side. Will I be totally lost in the collections class if I’m not finished with Covers and/or Publishing 101? Or will it be basic enough to get me through?