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Last Day for Workshop Offer!

Almost Done…

The offer is below the list of workshops. I wanted to post them here again tonight in no particular order except that the Depth should be first.  Below that are the Classic Workshops available at the moment, then the special offer.

I am amazed we have 19 Regular Workshops and 6 Strengths Workshops and 9 Classic Workshops, with more Classic coming on line over the next week or so. That built up far, far more than we had ever expected this to do. But Kris and I are very proud of these workshops and the help they give to writers who are driven to learn.


A List of All Regular Monthly Workshops (no real order)

Depth in Writing (Start with this one. It is offered every month.)
Advanced Depth
Writing into the Dark
Teams in Fiction
Novel Structure
Author Voice
Dialogue (Advanced Character and Dialogue)
Writing Fantasy
Writing Mystery
Point of View
Writing Secondary Plot Lines
Research (Depth #3)
Writing Short Stories
How to Edit Your Own Work
Writing Sales Copy
The Business of Writing
Think Like a Publisher (December start)

Each workshop description is at


Or you can get even more information by clicking the link on the right bar to Online Workshops.




Classic Workshops Available at the Moment… More coming…

Writing Series
Adding Suspense
Character Voice
Ideas to Story
Genre Structure
Plotting with Depth
Writing Science Fiction


Workshop Special Offer Still Available… LAST DAY TODAY…

So here is the offer broken down.

— Two Regular 6-week workshops. Value of $300 each or $600 total.

— Two Classic workshops. Value of $150 each or $300 total.

You get the $900 in workshops for $500.

To sign up, contact me at dean.wmgworkshops@gmail.com. To let me know you want a workshop offer. You do not have to pick the workshops at this point.

Simply pay for them through Paypal or set up a payment arrangement with me another way.

You can get more than one workshop offer if you like. We have a few people getting three or four groups of workshops to set themselves up for workshops in the coming year.

Remember…  This offer ends November 16th which is TODAY.

Workshop information here.

And if you want to see what the workshops on Teachable look like, go here.

And feel free to pass this on to anyone you might think will be interested…