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A Big Move, Then Picking and Writing

I Had a Fun Day Today…

I got eight hours sleep last night and tonight actually made it to the writing chair by 1 a.m. Wow, getting that starting time back where it belongs.

My Day Went Like This…

Started off up at the WMG offices at 1:30 p.m. Josh and Cameron were there and we set out to move an office from one side of the large building to another. Thankfully, Josh and Deena the day before had got a head start, and Cameron that morning had done a bunch as well. Thanks, guys!!

So we got it 95% moved and then moved another office about twenty feet from one room to another. Two hours of me doing some of it and watching the young guys do the heavy lifting.

Then about 4 p.m. I headed out the door for the valley. I spent two hours there picking and found some pretty good stuff, including a bunch of Delta Airlines china. (Yes, the airlines used to actually serve food on china, which is now collectable if you buy it cheap.)

I found a bunch of men’s silk ties, great woman’s scarfs, some cool toys, so much so that I had an entire cart full when I was done two hours later, including a signed Clive Cussler early novel, in great shape. Got it for $2.00.

Then I headed over to the theater there in Salem and spent the next two hours tearing apart the Thor movie standee. Got all the cool characters off it for the wall at Pop Culture North. That was some exercise and yes I did get my 10,000 steps, with the moving and then tearing apart the standee.

We are not allowed to sell the standees, we just use parts of them for decoration on the high walls in that store. And me tearing them apart and getting most of it to the recycling helps the theater not have to have one of their employees do it. Fair trade.

Then home by eleven, did some email, then watched the last hour of The Voice. Brutal, just brutal, and everyone this year is so damned good.

So got to my writing chair around 1 a.m., took the half title off my page “Remembering…” I slammed it against another half title “…The Last Laughter.”  Ended up with “Remembering the Last Laughter.”

Started writing and it became clear it was a Bryant Street story. I did 900 words by 2 a.m., took a break, and had it finished at 1,700 words by 2:45 a.m.  Almost thought of writing another, but decided not tonight.

So far, here is the November Short Story Challenge. (10th through 30th.. I will have covers in a few days as well.)

1… Under the Skin of Death… 4,400 words…. Total words so far… 4,400 words.
2… Half a Clue… 3,700 words… Total words so far… 8,100 words
3… That Human Fear… 1,700 words… Total words so far… 9,800
4… The Remarkable Way She Died… 2,100 words… Total words so far… 11,900
5… Under Glass… 2,700… Total words so far… 14,600
6… Remembering the Last Laughter… 1,700 words… Total words so far… 16,300

So total writing time today… 1.75 hours.
Total work time…4 hours. The rest driving, picking, and tearing apart a standee.

So a fun day.

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