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Just Sold 60,000 Comics

And Had A Great Dinner with Friends…

Fun day all the way around. And yes, I sold 60,000 comics. For those that don’t remember, at one point WMG Publishing Inc owned a brick-and-mortar bookstore and three collectables stores. Two of which had comics in them.

We sold the bookstore just after we expanded it with a Kickstarter help and it is doing wonderfully. We sold our main comic and collectables store and it is doing fantastic as well with its new owner, who happens to be the former store manager we hired.

And then last February we shut down two others. Our reason was to take WMG Publishing Inc back to publishing and the new world of licensing. Get it focused.

In the one shut down store and in a warehouse, we had 60,000 comics.

I found a great buyer for them today.

And I didn’t have to lift a single box.

We just don’t do things small, do we? (Grin)

And dinner was great as well, talking with old friends. Sometimes days are just good days.


  • Harvey Stanbrough

    Wow, Dean. Sounds like major congratulations are in order.

    And I admit, your earlier news about the major coup of landing the chief organizer of the Expo to speak at the Masters Class had me rethinking my own two-year plan, but in the end that little voice said to stick with what we planned.

    See you at the Expo next year.

  • Susan

    Congrats. Nothing like cleaning house to get that fly away feeling!
    It reminds me of – You got nothing to lose and everything to gain – which is something Kris wrote that you said to her once. I think she said it in her Freelancer’s Survival Guide. 😀

  • D J Mills

    Congrats on the sales. Not only WMG Publishing, but you and Kris can also focus more on publishing and licencing (and teaching / writing / blogging …)