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January Workshops Starting

Romance Workshop and Others…

On January 7th and 8th, the regular workshops for January are starting. And that includes the brand new How to Write Romance workshop.

Besides the Lifetime Workshop Subscribers who can take a workshop when they like, only one person has signed up for the Romance workshop. But I am still going to record it and have fun doing so. I want to work through it myself, to be honest, to nail down some points for my own writing.

Plus a number of the Lifetime Workshop Subscribers have said they are interested, so will do it for them as well.

The regular workshops last six weeks and are $300.

Some good workshops this month.

Class #1… Jan 7th … WRITING ROMANCE
Class #4… Jan 7th … Writing into the Dark
Class #5… Jan 7th … Writing Sales Copy
Class #6… Jan 8th … Depth in Writing
Class #7… Jan 8th … Writing Short Stories
Class #9… Jan 8th… Writing with Emotion
Class #10… Jan 8th… Advanced Depth

Sign up for any of them on Teachable.

Depth workshop is the foundation craft course that will help you more than you can imagine, the Advanced Depth workshop adds even more tools to get readers into your work.

The Writing into the Dark is a workshop that will help you get past critical voice and have fun with your writing again.

And Writing Sales Copy is a six week workshop I refuse to take down even though no one ever takes it and almost every writer I know thinks they know how to do it, but they really don’t.

So some really good workshops starting on Tuesday and Wednesday.


The Shared Worlds class and the Licensing Transition class will both vanish on Monday evening from being able to purchase. Both of those classes will pick up speed through the winter and into the summer. I am looking forward to the Cave Creek stuff we are going to do in the Shared World.

Sign up on Teachable before Monday evening.


Still two spots open in the Short Story craft workshop taught by Kris here in Vegas from April 17th-21st. And if you can’t make it, jump into the Study Along class on Teachable. Not as good by a long ways, but still fun. Reading list will be going out for that one soon.

Still three spots open in the Writing Fantasy craft workshop taught by Kris here in Vegas from September 18th-22nd. And openings as well in the Study Along on Teachable for that.

Master Business Class from October 23 through October 27th is full. But only a few on the waiting list so far. Write me if interested.

We will announce the craft workshops and anthology workshops and such for 2021 soon.

Write me if you want to sign up for a Vegas workshop or want more information on anything.


  • Denise Gaskins

    I love having the videos on Teachable so I can go through these workshops over and over again. It’s probably been long enough that I should queue up Writing Sales Copy as a refresher. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Phillip McCollum

    Dean, your Writing Sales Copy course is probably worth the price of two workshops alone, if only because I’ve never seen any other writers teach that in their own course material.

    I know the term is overused, but it really is an eye-opener.

  • Erik Kort

    I’m definitely taking the Romance workshop. Just a casual (that is, an aside comment that wasn’t the point of the lecture) piece of advice in the tag along romance workshop completely changed the way I viewed writing romance attraction.

    I can’t wait to focus in on the genre for six weeks!