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  • Kate Pavelle

    That was a great blog series! It reflected like a mirror at times, and the lighting wasn’t really great for some of it. But it helped, because a look at the way I spend my time or the myths I still (even subconsiously) subscribe to? All that had a re-do. It worked well with the Decade Ahead content, where the lighting is about the same but we’re going through actionable lists to address the new ways of doing things.

    You know that always-running, never-ending list of publishing MUSTS almost all of us have? My list was at least 5 years out of date. Everything has changed from 2018, even. And isn’t that like yesterday? As a result of these two influences (How Writers Fail and Decade Ahead,) I’m redoing my publishing SOP’s. And this time, those SOP’s will be in writing, dated, and revised every 6 month because I’m running a global reach company. (This is what calendar reminders are for.)

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