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In Person Workshops! And Cat Picture!

Two Vegas Workshops Scheduled At the Moment!

The craft class for Science Fiction Mystery in January and then the Anthology Workshop in July. The craft class is taught by Kris and is fun and difficult at the same time.

The craft class has a Study Along on Teachable and if you are going to join it, do it soon because it has a reading list. And if you want to come to Las Vegas for the craft class, there is one spot open and still time to jump in. Write me for details if interested.

The Anthology Workshop is in July at Resorts World (you never go outside). Exact dates will be set in February, but it will not be over the 4th, we promise.

That class is filling quickly and is over 3/4 full. We expect it to fill before the end of the year. So if interested, write me and I’ll give you more details.

And now a picture of me and Cheeps. I am in his chair watching the Raiders game. He wants me to move. He eventually won because he is Cheeps.