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Hoping To Finish Book

Starting on Wednesday…

I will be doing two, maybe three more days of reporting on the Card Sharp Silver novel because I am going to focus all my attention on Wednesday and Thursday on writing and finishing it. I have three short story assignments due next week, so figured I had better get the novel done and off to WMG Publishing so those in the Shared World Class can get it in the middle of the month or so. That way next week I do the short story assignments and get started on another project.

Speaking of classes, the Year of the Cat Course will be firing up next week because the first of the 12 cat anthologies will be published. I will get it to everyone in the class and give you a month to read the stories before in late June I start posting videos talking about them. After that there will be videos regularly for the following year. So stay tuned. I will email those signed up for the class when the link to the anthology is posted.

Later in the week will be adding videos to both the Decade Ahead workshop and the Licensing Workshop. I’ve been delaying a little on both to try to get a glimpse of how this will all shake out. Got some ideas, finally.

I hope everyone had a safe weekend. This is not over by a long ways yet, folks. So caution.


  • Mark Kuhn

    These insights into your days serve to show us what is possible when you learn and write, learn and write.
    I had to put away a story this week. Project block hit and I was spinning my wheels. Critical Voice wanted to start outlining, so I put it away, just for now.
    So I hit my internet title generator, got something catchy, and off I went with it.
    My question is, when should I go back to the story I put away?

    • dwsmith

      Ten or twelve years, when digging through old files and run across it and go “Wait, this was pretty good. Think I should finish it.”

      Maybe 15 years. For me, never happens. I stop on a story and put it away and I’m done. Got too much new to write to worry about something from the past. That’s worrying not about the process of writing, but about a finished product.

      You asked. (grin)