Home Safe…

Took About Six Hours…

Lots of traffic slowdowns and stops, I went about 15 miles out of my way at one point, and I had three long rest stops for food and drinks and snacks. So not a bad time at all from downtown Hollywood, over the hill and through Burbank, then on the freeway.

Have I said before how much I hate driving in California, especially the LA area? Ugh…

But the conference was fun. I will do a long blog post about the topic I talked to the winners about.

And I had a blast sitting between Tim Powers and Nancy Kress at the ceremony Friday night. Great humans. Great writers. We don’t agree on much about this new world, but still they have been friends for well over 30 years and that was great fun.

You can go to to see the entire ceremony on YouTube. Link is there.

Two things you don’t want to miss. Kevin J. Anderson and Tim Powers opening a 25 year Time Capsule. That’s at minute 16 and if funny, really funny.

The great Larry Elmore and I presented two awards at about 40 minutes into the thing. What they didn’t show was Larry and I trying to safely get down a steep flight of stairs off that stage when we were done. We made it, thankfully.

So now I plan on getting my first good night’s sleep in days, answering email, and getting back to  writing and recording and workshop assignments.

Some great workshops are starting up this coming week, including the nine-week Floating  Viewpoints one that so many people have asked us to do over the last ten years. And four different collection classes.

Until tomorrow…


  • Philip

    One of my favorite booktoubers, the writer Brian Lee Durfee, did a video from WOTF, and I immediately commented that he had to track you down for an interview. I’m hoping he did.

  • James Palmer

    I met Tim once, at a Dragon Con years ago. Great guy. He signed my paperback copy of Expiration Date upside down, because he’s a fellow lefty. He even personalized it.

    The only bit from WoTF I’ve caught so far was Rob Sawyer’s acceptance speech for winning the L. Ron Hubbard Lifetime Achievement Award. Well-deserved. Looks like it was quite the gala.

    I’m looking forward to hopefully meeting Larry Elmore at this year’s Dragon Con.

    • dwsmith

      Larry and Rob are both fantastic people. I consider myself very, very lucky to know them both.