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Holliday Collection

Holliday Collection Class…

Starting on September 7th.

In nine weeks, meaning basically the first week of November, you can have a five story collection of original holiday stories for sale around the world.

We do collection classes and starting in September is the holiday stories class. You learn about collections and how to write holiday stories and write five original holiday stories, plus do the cover and everything and publish it, all in nine weeks. You got to admit, it would be fun going into the holiday season with a brand new collection of stories out for sale.

And if you turn in all nine assignments during the nine weeks (five are new stories, one per week), then you get a Pop-Up of your choice.

So if interested, take a look at the class on Teachable. It is called the September/October Holiday Collection Class. It will be fun, I can promise. And in November, anyone who actually finishes and publishes a collection from the class, I’ll post the covers here (if you want.)

Now back to filling out the details on the coming Spade/Paladin Kickstarter campaign.