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Having Fun In Hollywood

Writer’s of the Future Event is great fun so far.

Talking with a lot of old friends, enjoying talking with the younger professionals who want to talk with me. Today did a podcast that I will let you know when it airs, and Todd McCaffery and I tag-teamed a presentation on 2021 publishing business.

Signed a zillion books at a table full of great friends and writers. Dave Farland, Tim Powers, Larry Niven, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Jody Lynn Nye, Nancy Kress,  Rebecca Moesta, Kevin Anderson, and others. Fun.

Great meals including a lunch with John, the publisher of all this.  And drinks tonight sitting between Kevin Anderson and Nancy Kress.  Felt like an old 90s convention like Kris wrote about in Ten Little Fen.

So now going to get sleep.