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Almost To First Stretch Goal


This is the third year we have done this original fiction advent calendar and we think this one might be the best. And it is getting off to a great start with being just $200 from the first stretch goal in 12 hours. Fantastic and thank you, everyone.

I am writing this from my old iPad in my hotel room in Hollywood. Great room, great time with old friends. I think I told a few too many stories. (Grin)

This calendar this year is really special. 38 original holiday stories of one type or another delivered to your device from November 25th through January 1st. Not even the authors know when their stories will appear in reader’s hands.

There are two great special workshops that Kris and I put together and Kris will read stories from them for next year. And, of course a bunch of books and Pop-Up classes for stretch goals, which we are about to hit the first one. Again, just wow!!

EVERYONE will get the full calendar with any reward. And we have included some workshops at half price since we never know when we will do another half price sale. So you can grab some workshops and get the WMG Holiday Spectacular 2021 Kickstarter

And you got to see Kris in the introduction wearing a Santa hat and with cat legs nap-twitching on the chair behind her. Don’t miss watching that. Priceless.