Happy Holidays

Stay Safe…

I sure hope everyone is having a safe holiday. It might not be the best one in your memory because you are not seeing family up close, but only online. But at least you know if you are staying home and being safe, you won’t spend the next month or two with your family being in an overcrowded hospital.

And that, honestly, is the best gift you can give them this year.

And even though Fremont Street will be jammed with idiots on New Year’s Eve, maybe in one of the biggest super spreader events in our area (most will be here from the super-infected California), there was no one there this morning and Kris and I and Lisa walked down to see the tree and get our virtual Santa Run in so we could hang our medals, thus the Santa suits.

Image below of the tree, not lit up, but still pretty nifty, on Fremont Street with me and Lisa in front of it. Kris had to go a ways back up the street to take the picture. (grin)