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Great Time in Gunnison

I am Kevin J. Anderson’s Guest Instructor…

Gunnison, Colorado reminds me a lot of McCall, Idaho. Only this place has a university with an amazing publishing and genre fiction program. Kevin runs the publishing master’s program. Amazing program, just amazing, and Kevin might be the most qualified professor on the planet to run a publishing program.

His program filled and those students are all smart and focused and nice people. It was fun getting to hang around with them for a few days.

I’m headed back to Vegas (about a nine to ten hour drive). So if I have missed an email or not gotten codes to you for workshops, give me a day or so and I’ll be caught up. Going to take me a week or so to get caught up on the short story challenge.

And not only have I been spending time with Kevin and some driven writers, but I been writing. I think I’m going to have to go back and read my own book on how to write a novel in five days while traveling. I think here my mind has been more focused on the business of writing and such then I was when I was playing poker tournaments, having meals with friends, and writing as I did in that book.

Or that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. (Grin)

So it has been fun here. And I got to test run on the class about 30 minutes on trademark bullet points for the book chapters. Made me realize just how really screwed up trademark law is when I heard myself say some of that stuff out loud.

Thanks, Kev, for the invite.

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