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Great Questions On Study Along Workshops

Some Answers, I Hope…

— Do Lifetime Subscription to the Study Along automatically get into the workshops?

Yes, Study Along Lifetime Subscriptions automatically get in to any workshop they want that is in the subscription. No need to sign up. I will send out the reading list to everyone signed up and all lifetime subscribers with each workshop. And the first assignment. You can decide with each workshop (as a lifetime subscriber) if you want to participate fully, or only watch the videos, or whatever. Lifetime subscription gives you complete options.

— Could You Be A Little More Clear on What is Included?

Study Along Participants get…
— Reading List
— Taped comments by Kris about the reading list books.
— Story Assignments
— Feedback on the stories from me.
— Videos by me about the topic being covered, sort of like a regular workshop. Videos release each day of the workshop.
— Webinar after each story deadline (and I have read them) about the reason for the story assignment and other comments about the stories turned in.

— What is the difference between going to Vegas and the Study Along workshop?

Study Along Participants do not get Kris’s lectures she will do in Vegas, or any of the craft assignments they do there, or any comments from Kris on the stories. And also they get a lot more discussion about each reading assignment. And they read the other writer’s stories as well and get to do networking with the other writers. Study Along do not read anyone else’s work.

— Do the Vegas writers attending the workshop see what the Study Along writers get?

The Vegas workshop attendees get everything the Study Along writers do. They get my feedback and Kris’s feedback on their stories and my take on the topic and  Kris’s take on the topic, and we sometimes might differ. If you go to Vegas, you will get a ton more information. But Vegas workshops are restricted and limited. Write me if interested.

— What did you mean when you said the Study Along workshops were limited?

I will have to be giving feedback on stories turned in, sometimes overnight. We limit the Vegas workshops to about 12-15 writers for the same reason. But I will also be reading the stories from the Vegas workshops at the same time as stories from the Study Along group. Kris only reads the Vegas workshop writers. So these Study Along have to be limited to about 10 writers at most just so I am not killed by the work. So if you want in, either get a lifetime subscription or sign up fairly soon.

— Do you need to take time off for Study Along Workshops?

Up to you, actually. You will be writing short stories, listening to videos each day, and attending regular webinars. So if you chose to participate fully, it will take some time, but the workshop is Friday to Tuesday, so most everything will be over the weekend and Monday and Tuesday. So it won’t be too bad.

— I am confused about how to sign up.

To sign up, simply go to and if you want one, sign up on the workshop. If you want the Lifetime Subscription, sign up on it.

If you are already a Lifetime Regular Workshop subscriber, the lifetime subscriptions are half price. Pay through the regular Paypal and then write me.

Write me with any other questions. These new Study Along workshops are really opening up a ton of learning to a wider group of writers. Kris and I are both excited about finally getting to add these in.


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