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Includes All Books, Merchandise, and Workshops!

Pulphouse Fiction Magazine has a brand new Shopify store, and to celebrate, we are having a Grand Opening Sale of everything in that store, in our large bookstore, and all WMG Workshops.

Go to and take a look. All the sale information is there at the top of the page. This new store is one of the many things we are excited about with Pulphouse. Fiction Magazine with our new monthly schedule.

And wow do we have some fun new writing classes we are launching into this sale so you can get them half price.

The code to get any class, workshop, subscription on WMG Teachable 50% off is:


Just hit purchase on anything you want and on the next page put in the code and hit apply and you will have it for half price. Everything is available, including the Everything Subscription.

The brand new series is called DOWN IN THE DETAILS series and it has eight fantasy classes, eight mystery classes, and eight science fiction classes.

And the story assignments that go along with all 24 classes will be considered for inclusion in three really fun original anthology collections published by WMG Publishing Inc and edited by me. Here are the three covers for the anthologies.









Fun anthologies and we pay 6 cents per word if I like your story and you want to be in the anthology (Don’t send me the story if you don’t want to be considered for these anthologies.)

Here are the list of classes. The first class in every series will be available on the 5th.  Then a new class will be available in all three series every week for the next seven weeks. We are pacing them along.


  • 1… Writing Fantasy Magic Shop Stories
  • 2… Writing Fantasy Portals Stories
  • 3… Writing Fantasy Lost Civilization Stories
  • 4… Writing Fantasy Castle Stories
  • 5… Writing Fantasy Map Stories
  • 6… Writing Fantasy Cave Stories
  • 7… Writing Fantasy Shapeshifting Stories
  • 8… Writing Fantasy Familiars Stories


  • 1… Writing Mystery Unsolved Crime Stories
  • 2… Writing Mystery Locked Room Stories
  • 3… Writing Mystery Court Stories
  • 4… Writing Mystery Weapons Stories
  • 5… Writing Mystery Victimless Crime Stories
  • 6… Writing Mystery Mean Streets Stories
  • 7… Writing Mystery Puzzle Stories
  • 8… Writing Mystery Crime Spree Stories

Science Fiction

  • 1… Writing Science Fiction Invasion Stories
  • 2… Writing Science Fiction Exploration Stories
  • 3… Writing Science Fiction Lost Civilization Stories
  • 4… Writing Science Fiction First Contact Stories
  • 5… Writing Science Fiction Colonization Stories
  • 6… Writing Science Fiction Dying Planet Stories
  • 7… Writing Science Fiction Battle Stories
  • 8… Writing Science Fiction Generation Ship Stories

Each class is $150 and you can get all eight in a bundle for the price of six.  And save even more if you get all 24 at once. (And, of course, during the half price sale, everything is half off.)


Note: The first five in the science fiction are stretch rewards in the Diving Kickstarter that we did last March and everyone who took that will get those five. (They had other names in the campaign.) When each one comes out it will be sent as an update to all backers in that campaign.

So this is the Grand Opening of the new Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Store.  We are doing a sale on all books, merchandise, and workshops. 30% on books, 10% plus free shipping on merchandise, and 50% on all classes and everything on WMG Teachable.

Check it out.  The store is very cool. The new home of the magazine and everything associated with it.

And this new series of DOWN IN THE DETAILS will be great fun. And making it into those books will be great fun as well, but the only way into them is take the class and then write me a story to the guidelines from each class that I want to buy and include.

Or challenge yourself to write 24 stories, one from each class, and make it into all three books.


  • Connor Whiteley

    Well trust you to know how to get my creative voice screaming and shouting in excitment about these topics. And i am 70% thorough my own writing challenge for the year anyway so I could use a detour.

    I think I’ll grab these shortly for a lot of fun.

    Thanks for making these available.

    • dwsmith

      Honestly, Connor, Kris and I are both excited about these and how they get into the details of the areas. We are having a blast putting them all together. Creative voices rule. (grin)

    • dwsmith

      Yup, already sent all three bundles to you and the others in the Everything Subscription. That is the best thing to get especially with a sale. Just these three new bundles have a value of $2,700.

  • Emilia Pulliainen

    I saw the fantasy ones earlier today and almost fell of my chair when I the shapeshifter one. I’ve been coming up with shapeshifter stories since I was a kid and I’m excited to learn more on the subject.

  • Rob Vagle

    Store looks great! I need to get a new Pulphouse shirt. And I really like the authors section—great font with Thumper in various poses and expressions. Really well done!

  • Mike Southern

    Dean, do you have to take the workshops the same week they become available? Or can you take them any time after they go live? I wondered because since you’ll consider the stories for those collections, there must be a story deadline if we want to submit our stories.

    • dwsmith

      You can take it any time you want. No deadline on any story. If the book fills up, we start another book with another title in the series. So these will be available for a time going forward.

  • E. R. Paskey

    Congratulations! The new Pulphouse store looks amazing. Very nice and very responsive.

    Wow, these Details classes look cool! Practice short stories and possibly get paid? (And even if you don’t take them, there are other markets.) Win-win for having fun, learning, and creating more IP. *grin*

    One question, though–when you say each series begins the 5th, do you mean August 5th or September 5th?

    • dwsmith

      I meant today, with the first in each series, but might take me until tomorrow to get them loaded this first week.