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Got Attitude

Attitude Online Workshop Starting…

August 6th.



Attitude is everything in fiction writing. From beating back fears, to taking the courage to try something new, to believing your work is worth publishing. Attitude can help you overcome doubts, believe in yourself on the outside while you doubt everything on the inside.

A good attitude in fiction writing can be learned.

There are also some really bad attitudes in fiction writing, ones that will quickly or eventually kill your writing. This workshop will deal with those as well, give you warning signs.

Mostly this workshop teaches attitude and the confidence it takes to believe in yourself, in your work, and in your future.

This workshop will help you strengthen your good attitudes and kill your bad ones.

In fiction writing, attitude is everything. And you can learn how to have a great attitude with this workshop.


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  • Phillip McCollum

    >> In fiction writing, attitude is everything.

    Ain’t that the truth. I wouldn’t be waking up early every morning before work to get my 1,000+ words a day without the right attitude. I know you touch on it in your other workshops, but I can’t wait to take this one. It will hit the right spot with someone needing to hear it.

  • Topaz

    Yay. Looking forward to this one. Especially after pulling myself out of slow going phase (positive life roll).

    • E. R. Paskey

      Me too!

      Although I may be headed straight into another life roll (moving) within the next two months, so a workshop on Attitude will be doubly valuable.

  • Kat

    I’m working on a deadline and haven’t had time to claim any of the Kickstarter basket of goodies–and now I’m glad I haven’t! Looking forward to checking this out along with the rest of the possibilities you have available.