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Four More Pop-Ups Now Up!

Four of the Eight Fantasy Series Now Out!!!

Those of you got these for stretch rewards in the Fantasy Collides Kickstarter, you should have gotten an update for backers with the codes to the four classes to get into them.

I will post the next four later in the week. Better to do four at a time. There were eight total Pop-Ups in this writing fantasy series. They will all be on on Teachable. First four are there now.

Also, for those of you with a lifetime subscription to the Pop-Ups, they are posted in there as well.

The four new Pop-Ups are:

  • Pop-Up #84… Writing Weird Fantasy
  • Pop-Up #85… Writing Urban Fantasy
  • Pop-Up #86… Writing Creature Fantasy
  • Pop-Up #87… Writing Otherworldly Fantasy

Also, I had a better week writing this week as I start to ramp up the amount and time spent. My total from April 1st for those of you in the challenges with me is posted on the right.

Not much sleep last night, and got to be up early in the morning (meaning in about 4 hours) so making this one short.


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