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Flash Sale for Challenges and Collections Workshops


On all Challenges and also all Collection Classes!!

Since two days ago I talked about how good doing a challenge would be for the coming year, we decided to give anyone signing up for a challenge in the next five days 30% off.

And since I just got all 24 Collection Classes now live on Teachable for the next year, we figured we would add all of them in as well to this quick flash sale.

This 30% off applies to only the Challenges and the Collection Classes. And yes, it applies to the get a full year of Collection Classes Bundles. You can get the six from the first year, the six from the second year, and the six for 2023.

Collection classes are nine weeks long, you write five original stories, and publish the collection the last week. I help you with every step if you need it and I look at the stories and read them, not for critique, but to help in the order of the table of contents.

The six new themes for the 2023 Collection Classes are:




CITIES (Or Urban.. July/Aug)

MONEY (Sept/Oct)


You can get all six for the price of five (plus 30% off.) All twelve of the first two year’s collection classes are also available. There are four different collection classes every two months.

You can see the entire list of Challenges with links to each one at|8

You can see the entire list of Collection Workshops with links to each one at|1

To get the discount of 30% off, simply hit Purchase, then on the next page put in the code


And hit apply and you will get 30% discount.

This only applies to the Challenges and the Collection Classes and will expire on Sunday evening late.

So don’t miss this one. Challenges and Collection Classes are fantastic ways to help you set deadlines and get writing in 2023.

Any questions, feel free to ask.


  • Erica

    Thanks so much for this Dean! I’ve already bought the Portals class- so excited!
    I’m thinking about the short story challenge too. Can we get it now and start it in Jan?
    How does that work?

    • dwsmith

      Yes, you can get it now and start any time you want. But once you start the clock starts ticking and you have a story due every Sunday evening.

      And even if you bought it on sale, if you miss at some point, you get the full amount in workshop credit.