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Finally Getting Some Things Caught Up…

Not Everything, Yet, But Gaining…

Today I finished all the layout of Smith’s Monthly #60. Yes, realize or try to imagine 60 monthly issues. Five full years, although there was a 2 year gap in there when Kris was sick and we had to get down here to Vegas. But now still going strong.

And I also did the introduction and got everything together for Smith’s Monthly #61. Will turn that in after a day or so.

And also got a bunch done today on the next issue of Pulphouse Fiction Magazine. Got to get that turned in. So all kinds of fun projects. And a very strange Sky Tate mystery story tonight.

Earlier in the evening Kris and I walked down to the Arts District and had some amazing Sushi. The restaurants in this town are to die for. Just amazing.

Now in the next few days I am going to start up a habit of getting things to Patreon. I am good at hitting things like challenges. Just going to make that into a regular, scheduled thing for me, now that I have almost a hundred stories written this year so far.

We found one area that would not work for the Focused Mentor project we are doing to help people.

There is just no way we can figure out (and we have been working on it for almost a decade now) to make mass market paperback sized books profitable. We had a question about that and I wish we could have helped, but outside of reverting to the old system of large press runs to get the price down, massive shipping and warehousing, and other ugly things, mass market just won’t work. Plus almost the entire sales part of the industry has moved to trade now over the last ten years, so not much point anyway.

We did find a few areas that are good for the Focused Mentor Project. For example, if you have forty or more published books and are not selling, we can help you with your covers, your sales copy, your branding, and how to get books available and findable to readers past the normal channels. But don’t even think about it unless you are over forty or fifty books and have not caught traction yet.

There are other focused areas we can help on. If you are wondering, just write me. Glad to explain why we can help or why we can’t help.

And before I turned in #60, I changed out one of the short story covers.

Here is the new one… fits the story so much better…