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Finally Done With A Warm-Up Book

Yup, Finished the Short Novel…

It’s a Thunder Mountain novella or short novel. Finished it this morning. Those who are following my 100 day challenge with letters will get a uncorrected copy of it in a week or so. I think I will send along another Thunder Mountain book or two as well to them because this one might take a little knowledge of the Thunder Mountain books. Kris will let me know about that after she reads it.

I am finally getting the entire schedule thing worked out and am writing again solidly, now in the mornings. So tomorrow I will start a brand new book (no idea which one) which will actually be the first one of the ten I want to do in 100 days. But only 91 days left, so I gave the challenge a head-start or something like that. Can’t make it too easy on myself. (grin)

Now I need to do a book on average every nine days. I can do that without an issue as long as I stay focused.

Nifty Picture…

JD Lasica took this of me while I was talking to the big room at 20to50 Book Conference here in Vegas. Talked about Writing in to the Dark for 40 minutes which is a full six week workshop this month. Yup, a lot condensed. (grin)

And Wow, I Guess The Election Really Killed The November Workshops

Almost no one signed up. In fact over half of them have no one signed up. Going to be an easy month for me, which actually is a bummer because I enjoy the assignments. Ah, well.

I will switch out the November workshops for December workshops on Tuesday or so, so still time to jump in.

Here is the full list of November Workshops…

Class #49… Nov 6th … Depth #3: Research
Class #50… Nov 6th … Author Voice
Class #51… Nov 6th … Dialog
Class #52… Nov 6th … Writing into the Dark
Class #53… Nov 6th … Writing Fiction Sales Copy
Class #54… Nov 6th … Writing and Selling Short Stories
Class #55… Nov 7th … Depth in Writing
Class #56… Nov 7th … How to Study Writing
Class #57… Nov 7th … Writing Fantasy
Class #58… Nov 7th … Novel Structure
Class #59… Nov 7th … Edit Your Own Work
Class #60… Nov 7th … Advanced Depth

Future Workshop #1… Nov 7th…Refresh and Renew

To sign up for these.

First go to and find the November Regular workshops there. Or the Future Series workshop called Refresh and Renew.

1… You can sign up one-at-a-time.

2… Or you can sign up for a lifetime subscription to all the workshops. The new Future Series workshops are in the lifetime subscription now as well as all of the other workshops, taking that to over $14,000 in workshops for $3,000. You can do all of them at your own pace if you are a lifetime subscriber.


  • Thomas E

    Cool news, Dean. Can’t wait to read it…

    It’s a great success, too, because with all the stuff you’ve been dealing with you’d never have finished it without the challenges.

    • dwsmith

      Got that right, Thomas. I would still be working out how to get back to doing any writing without the challenges.

  • Julie

    Are you guys OK with the fire I’m seeing on the UK news? Worried about Kris’s health, having moved away from a fire a billionth of the size in Oregon!

    • dwsmith

      Julie, we are fine. We are in an urban area (Las Vegas) in Nevada. But wow are our friends in California getting hit hard. And sadly not a darned thing to do.

      And we didn’t move from Oregon solely because of fires, other than a neighbor burning trash in his fireplace. The entire environment there on the coast, from the weather to the mold to the chemicals in the air and such caused an erosion of Kris’s health over time. It is stunning how much allergies can cause dramatic and deadly health issues. It’s not a common thing for someone to think of. Needs to be for many.

      So thanks for asking, we are fine here, in fact thriving here.

      • Jason M

        You and Kris should check out a series on Netflix called “Afflicted”. It’s about people with odd, unsolvable health issues. Kris’ allergy problems, while serious, will look miniscule by comparison…those poor people.

      • Mark Kuhn

        Dean, I can see a big difference in you and Kris in recent pictures you posted here and on Facebook. You both look healthier. And I’m glad to see and hear you’re both doing well.

      • Jo

        I’m in California, and i have breathing issues. It’s a huge trade off. Winters in Oregon I was getting pneumonia every year. Here, in the summer, I’m having disrupted sleep when the AQ gets over 100 or so. Like last night. Ugh.

        I might start doing Eastern Oregon in the summer, and Northern Cal in the winter.

  • Edward Trimnell

    Dean, I’m a lifetime subscriber. (I signed up earlier this year.) I listen to your words of advice and encouragement every day (often on my exercise bike, via my iPhone, lol). At least three of your workshops/lectures have been game-changers for me.

  • Linda Jordan

    I saw the video of your talk. It was really good and I think most of the people in the audience are at a fairly high level of productivity, but you clearly did some shaking up of their worldview. You certainly know how to play to the crowd. Funny talk. The people I’ve heard from who were present said it made them rethink a lot of things.

    • Julie

      Is that video available online? I searched, but couldn’t find anything (though that may have been my poor search skills!).

  • emmiD

    Maybe it’s not the election that caused people not to sign up. Could be NaNoWriMo. Could be saving for Christmas. (The last reason is mine.)

  • Rikki Mongoose

    Congratulation. You inspire me a lot for pulp speed way of life.

    Im at Nanowrimo now. Hope to win it this year as well