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Explaining Depth

And All the Workshops Attached to Depth…

Since we are doing a sale with everything half off, and I got the question to explain exactly what Depth is and how all the workshops tie together, I figured this would be a good time to do it.

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1… WRITING WITH DEPTH is the basis of all of the craft workshops we do. We offer it every month and I have not changed it much at all in the five or six years since it was recorded. It works great as is, so no reason to change it. Depth is basically a class on openings. It teaches you how, in a basic way, to get inside a character and a setting and pull the reader into the story with you. And really, really, you need to do all the assignments. Many writers take depth but then do not let me check to make sure they are on the right track. And many think they are, but are not. So important to do the assignments.

2… ADVANCED DEPTH follows Writing with Depth. It shows more ways to use a form of Depth to pull readers into a story. Still very basic. Sort of just a continuation of Writing with Depth. If you have no idea what a summary opening or a voice opening is and how to do it, you need this workshop. If you think that action should start your stories, you REALLY need this workshop.

From here, the Depth workshops are focus workshops, adding in layer after layer of ways to make you better at openings and pulling readers into stories and holding them there. If you take them in this order you will add learning on top of learning.

3… POP-UP: AUTOMATIC DEPTH has some ways to help you realize that doing certain things will automatically add depth.

4… CLASSIC RESEARCH is like Depth #3. It uses research techniques to help writers add in more tools for pulling readers into stories. Slightly more advanced.

5… CLASSIC PLOTTING WITH DEPTH introduces that elements that Depth must be at the start of every scene, every chapter, and in the validation and how much in each area. More advanced because you have to have a grasp on Regular Depth and Advanced Depth to really understand it.

6… CLASSIC TAGS WORKSHOP introduces how to use a tag to hold a reader in. Set up the tag and the use it. Major aspect with depth.

7… CLASSIC POWER WORDS… How the use of simple words can bring in readers and make your settings come alive with emotion and power.  (I will try to get this into the Classic list of workshops later this week before the sale ends.)

8… APPLIED DEPTH (new one starting in September) focuses what kind of Depth and how to use it in each of the major genres. How to get readers into a romance story vs a science fiction story for example. Basics are the same, but how to use those basics varies wildly. This will be advanced in some places. I will be referencing the seven workshops ahead of it at times.

Depth is a fundamental skill in fiction writing. Once you learn it and start applying it (and even seeing it), your fiction will get more compelling, your characters will come alive, and readers will have a hard time putting down your stories.

Again, this is all basics. Stage four writers work way above these levels, but you have to master the basics before you can move up and I can honestly say, because I have watched for years how learning depth will change your writing drastically.

And remember, there is a sale right now. Seven of the eight classes above are six-week workshops. 3 are regular workshops, 4 are classic workshops. Regular workshops are all offered every month with assignments. Classics you can take any time, but you do the assignments yourself.

And remember, right now, to get any workshop at half price, just hit purchase on anything on Teachable, then use the code:


And hit apply and you will get it for half price.

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  • Philip

    I took Writing With Depth back in 2018, and I can attest it’s an excellent, game-changing workshop. It’s one of those cornerstone concepts next to Writing Into the Dark and Heinlein’s Rules.

  • Chong Go

    Hi Dean, fwiw, the coupon code is backwards on the post. (It says “RegularAugustSale” instead of the correct one, AugustRegularSale)