Exhausted and Behind

You Know… As Expected…

But had hoped to get more done, but alas, it will take me a couple more days to get caught up. First trip out in 0ver a year-plus (15 months, actually), so no surprise. My life and work and writing here is pretty balanced, so suddenly tossing a five day excursion into that schedule will cause problems.

So please just be patient with me for a few more days. I have a couple of deadlines I have to hit and then I can start cleaning up email and other stuff and get back on track.

So now going to call it a night and be back at it tomorrow.

This is my blog challenge being fulfilled for day 3,373 in a row.


  • Lawrence

    Glad to see you’re getting out. I liked those photos you posted from the Writers of the Future gala. So I was just on the writing reddit. There’s two million members over there. Sombody posted about not giving up on your day job, and went into some facts about how few writers actually make it in trad. I mentioned your name in my comment among the hundreds of other comments, and a mod messaged me and told me not to spread misinformation. That person’s post was subsequently removed from the threat.

    It’s like a cult over there. I mention this because you’re currently writing the Wet Blanket posts so I thought it seemed relevant.

  • Mark Kuhn

    Hey Dean, now that they’re bringing back the CSI: Vegas TV show, might be a good time to pitch the Cold Poker Gang. .