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Early Night

A Good Reason…

Tomorrow morning, or actually in just over 7 hours, I will be crossing the starting line of a half marathon. Kris is teaching the mystery workshop, so I am going it alone. (She wouldn’t go that far anyway, even though she easily could if she wanted.)

I will be run/walking. Last half marathon I did was in November the day after a nasty fall. I hope to improve my time on this one by at least thirty minutes from that one, even though I am still too heavy for real running.

But got to start somewhere. Might as well start with 13 miles. (grin)

See why Kris shakes her head at me a lot? (grin)




  • Harvey

    I had to laugh. This all sounds too familiar in my own life. I’d wish you good luck, but that would take away from the reality. We both know it has less to do with luck and more to do with stubbornness. Get some, Dean!

  • Kate Pavelle

    ROCK IT, DUDE!!! I wish you great running weather, awesome pacing, and good use of the endurance you have already built up. You are trained. I hope this race will be one of those “Strong finish, had a good time” events!

  • Dave Hendrickson

    I’d say that the two of us have a lot in common, but that would be insulting to you. (grin, sort of)

    I say that because eight days go I was challenged to join my son and some friends in a half marathon on Martha’s Vineyard. On May 18! Since I’d been running only 3.11 miles to get ready for the 5K in Vegas, six weeks didn’t seem like nearly enough time to ramp up to my first half. But…

    The next day I ran seven miles. Today I did nine. Next Saturday, I’ll do ten. One long run each week with 4-5 miles two other days. The other training is low-impact (stationary bike or while on the road this week for the Frozen Four, swimming in the hotel pool).

    I may be a pale imitation, but we’re two nutty birds of a feather.

  • John Meaney

    My wife Yvonne, aged 64, approaches running challenges the way you approach writing challenges. Just finished day 1 of 10 half marathons in 10 days. A week ago, she completed the last of 7 half marathons in 7 days.

    She had a larger challenge of 52 half marathons (or longer races) in 52 weeks, and achieved it in 25 weeks instead. So she’s now aiming to do 100 in a year, with 76 completed. (There are some full marathons and an ultra in there too.) And she’s *not* a lifelong runner. Restarted only two years ago, after an eight-year gap, and that after only a handful of years running, which she originally started aged 55.

    She’s had two serious-ish injuries: a torn calf muscle that meant she was on crutches for three weeks, and more recently, falling flat on her face and breaking her nose. (Imagine Sly Stallone calling, “Adrian, Adrian…”) But she keeps on going.

    Apparently a useful running mantra is: “Must stay upright. Must stay upright.”

    Have a great race tomorrow!

    • dwsmith

      Yup, I fell and didn’t tumble as I should have in a race in November. Did a half marathon the next day but it was not pretty. Your wife sounds amazing. I am in awe.