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Diving Universe Game Refund

Going Out This Week!

The Diving Game that many of you picked up as a reward in the RETURN OF BOSS Kickstarter Campaign is still lost somewhere in this pandemic and international shipping mess. The game started off being delayed in one factory last October for almost three months. Then we pulled it from that factory just before it closed and got it in another.

From that point we have heard (but can’t confirm) that it was shipped a long time ago.

With so much cargo backed up in containers all over the world, and this being only 1,000 copies of a small game, we have no way of knowing where it is actually at. Or if it actually was shipped. It might still be sitting in a warehouse in China for all we know.

So we are tired of waiting as much as all of you are. So we are going to refund the money you paid for the game. If we do get the game in, we will still send everyone who bought it originally a copy at no charge.

This will take me most of the coming week to get these refunds done. So please don’t worry. I will be sending everyone a personal email. And then I will announce here and through Kickstarter that all refunds are out, so if at that point you have not gotten a letter from me yet, write me. But please not until that point.

Kris and I are very, very sorry this happened. First time in all the Kickstarter campaigns we have done over the years that we have not been able to fulfill an award. And again, if the game does show up, we will send it to everyone who bought it at once for no extra cost. Thanks for understanding and being so patient with this crazy pandemic stuff. Just not a thing we could do.

Very much appreciated.







    The scary thing is how this supply problem is affecting the food chain. My wife and I were in a supermarket last week and there were big, empty spaces on shelves. The store manager was busy applying white stickers on shelves beside the price tags. I asked him how long he thinks this would last. In all his years of experience in the business of stocking and buying for supermarkets, he has never seen anything like it. When I asked him what the white stickers were for, he told me these were items that would run out with no dates for restocking in the near future. As we proceeded up and down the aisles, almost half of everything we walked past had a white sticker.

    • dwsmith

      Yeah, we are in for some crazy times over the next year. But the US corporations deserve this, farming out so much stuff overseas so that it needs to be shipped in. Hindsight, this had to have been foreseen. And now part of the problem is the trucking here and the lack of containers and drivers. The price of a container now is jumping so high, inflation at some level will be the only choice. This winter season will only be a foreshadowing of what is to come. Fun times.

  • Nathan Haines

    Well worth the wait, Dean, and handled so gracefully. I appreciated hearing the plan back when you first announced it, and I’m sorry the timer ran out and it’s time to assume it all didn’t work out this time. I look forward to it being available for purchase in the future!

  • Kate+Pavelle

    Dean, there is not a thing to do about supply issues. I’m sorry the game didn’t pan out as hoped for, but I still hope WMG gets to publish it in the future. Aside from being a fan of Boss, I was curious to see the structrue and design of it. I tried my hand at game design, then backtracted to reading a lot about it, and then I returned to writing. It’s a huge, professional field for a reason. As for other supply issues, the whole economy has been running on “how little can we pay the low-skill labor.” Low skill now means “without a college degree.” I have a degree which is now practically useless, and took a PT driving job for an auto parts store to even out my writing income. Get your brakes checked, everyone. There is a massive parts shortage, especially for rotors. And with people having realized that they can either find a remote job or sit out and find a job with saner hours, pay, and working conditions, I don’t see the current labor shortage easing. And the supply chain won’t unsnag until employers restructure their businesses to compensate their people at a level where people get paid a decent wage, work sensible and predictable hours under safe conditions, and feel a bit of appreciation.